REGCHEM Database
Welcome to the REGCHEM data query interface. This site allows you to perform textual searches on REGCHEM sites and features. PLUS you can query REGCHEM data spatially using the MinMap GIS interface.
REGCHEM description:
REGCHEM (Regional Exploration Geochemistry) is a database of geochemical analyses compiled from open-file mining company reports. The database contains elemental analyses of stream sediment, pan concentrate, BCL (bulk cyanide leach), BLEG (bulk leach extraction gold), soil, and rock chip samples. Entries contain information on the sample type, analytical laboratory, analytical method and detection limits, and analyses for elements in ppm (unless otherwise stated).
Getting started:
  1. To perform a textual query on REGCHEM data, use the Search page
  2. To view and query REGCHEM sites spatially, use the MinMap Web Map here
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